Hagrid's hut | Harry Potter builds

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This is another house inspired in the Harry Potter world. Hagrid is the housekeeper of Hogwarts, and his house is located near the entrance of the Forbidden Forest.

Throughout the movies, a lot of versions of the surroundings of this house is shown. This one was based in the one shown in the Prisioner of Azkaban movie. Again, as I aways say, I just based in the outside structure. The interior was made entirely by me, and it's not similar as the movie one. Basically because I wanted to make this one playable.

Floorplan: it's a small house, so it can household only one Sim. It has a living room, a kitchen w/ dinning, a bathroom and a "bedroom". There are no eletronic devices (apart from the fridge/stove), because he's a wizard.

Pumpkin patch:

I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks for downloading!!

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- 10 BRAND NEW Houseplants (Rubber tree plant) by simsi45
- Halloween 2015 (pumpkin single and pumpkins) by ShinoKCR
- Hogwarts stuff: Scarecrow by brittpinkiesims
- TSM to TS4: Druit set (both paitings) by ZxTa
- Large pine tree by Bakie
- WIlmer door 3x1 by Mutske
- Just a Pumpkin by Sim_man123
- Two Doves Wardrobe by historicalsimslife

Happy simming!

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