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Hello, fellows simmers and potterheads!

In today's building we have Hermione's house!! I loved building it and I hope you guys love the result as I did.

Before we get started, I wanted to point some things: first, I wanna say that this build was based only in the exterior structure of the house shown in the movies. I tried to make it as similar as I could, but Sims has some build-wise limitations. Second, I also want to say that all the interior design was made by me from zero. That means the interior is not as shown in the movie or described in the books (because we don't have many information about it). I also extended the gardening and added a pool area (there are a lot of things I added to this house just to make it playable).

Remembering that Hermione came from a muggle family, so in her house there's nothing bewitched at all.

For those who isn't much into Harry Potter but wishes to download the house, feel free to do it!

My first pet is needed, even though I just used an item or two of it. That applies to some other packs. A lot of the listed ones have few items really used, you just really need City Living and Get to Work, Jungle adventures, Romantic Garden, Kids bedroom and Seasons.

Now, no futher ado, let's get started!

This is the front of the house and its comparison to the real one:

This is the first floor, where we have:

- Some hallways;
- A living room;
- A dinning room;
- A kitchen;
- Two dinning rooms;
- A bathroom.

In the second floor, we've got:

- Three bedrooms (two singles and one couple - one is hermione's, the other is her parents' and the third one I built because there was a free room);
- Library;
- Bathroom;
- More hallways;
- A porch area.

There is a third floor in the angled roof, but I didn't furnish because the roof gets glitched. Feel free to do it, if you want!

Outside we have a laundry area, a pool area, a type of greenhouse and a fake garage (there's no door or cars, just a space used to put trinkets).

This is the real house:

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- Mutske Philodendron by Mio-Sims
- Vara Lounge set by Peacemaker_ic
- PC Hamptons retreat print by Peacmaker_ic
- PC Futura living set (herman chair and plectra dinning table, rubber plant and variegated monsteria plant) by Peacmaker_ic
- Aria living (painting and TV console) by Mutske
- Zia Dining Oil Painitngs by RightHearted
- 10 Fantastic Artworks and Where to Find Them by Blackgryffin
- BuffSumm Windows by BuffSumm
- Hogwarts paintings by LadySeiko
- Tropics large plant by SIMcredible
- Bricks 2 by Pralinesims


I really hope you guys like it!

The CC used are listed above.

Thanks for downloading!!


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