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Ceramic Set

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2019 at 10:52 AM
Updated: 30th Mar 2020 at 11:18 AM
Here's a set of two table lamps and two ceramic vessels.
IKEA Stuff Pack is needed for the lamp light to work properly, as both lamps use tea candle light settings.
I've added Table Lamp mesh replacement files for anyone without IKEA Stuff Pack
(these use Shoji Table Lamp light settings - a bit different, less reddish hues).

Both lamps pull base texture & recolors from Antique Amphora. Lampshades have separate recolor files.

"Ancient Jug" - Based on Minoan octopus vases - 991 S
"Antique Amphora" - 998 S
Buy Mode/Decorative/Sculpture/

"Small Round Ceramic Lamp" - 220 S
"Round Ceramic Lamp" - 400 S
Buy Mode/Lighting/Table Lamps/

Metal rack texture is slaved to base game "Tornado Torch Floor Lamp", so it will pick up recolors from it.

I've generated random GUIDs for my mesh files.
More info:

Remember to check if all new object meshes you put in your folders show up in the game


EA Maxis, for lampshade mesh

"Ming Bird&Flowers" pattern comes from Chinese Ming period jar
featured here under "Late Ming Period" chapter.

Other patterns were borrowed from ancient Minoan Ceramics
And Dolphin Frieze from Knossos Palace

Polygon Counts:
Antique Amphora: Poly=624, Vert.=534
Ancient Jug: Poly = 712, Vert.=605
Round Ceramic Lamps: Poly=962, Vert.=854

Additional Credits: SimPE