Stockable Groceries - Bread and Cheese

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2019 at 11:58 AM
Updated: 3rd Jul 2019 at 6:38 PM
One day late for the business theme I present a small set of additional groceries that your Sims can sell in their stores. Like my Butchers Meat set, these are cloned from Seasons harvestables and can be used to stock Sims fridges for fresh food points. They are found in the catalogue under Appliances/Miscellaneous and cost $25 - $60. They each give between 10 and 25 food units.

As with the butcher's meats, you will need to buy these from the catalogue and put them in the business owner's inventory to allow for restocking.

There are seven new mesh objects plus recolours, to give you six breads, nine cheeses and two tofu. The tofu is included because I felt a bit guilty about vegetarian Sims after making the butcher's meat set.

As usual, I used photo textures, and the picture attributions are under the spoiler.

Baguette $25
Boule (round loaf) $25
Tin loaf $25
Cheese wedge $35
Brie $60
Small cheese $25
Tofu $30

Polygon Counts:
Tin Loaf 203 vertices
Cob Loaf (Boule) 518 vertices
Baguette 385 vertices
Cheese wedge 277 vertices
Brie cheese 277 vertices
Small cheese (crotin) 136 vertices
Tofu in tray 249 vertices

Additional Credits:
The makers of Simpe, Blender, UV Mapper and