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Seasonal Lavender Plants

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Uploaded: 23rd Apr 2018 at 1:07 PM
I am pleased to offer two seasonal lavender plants for your Sims' gardens. The plants carry buds in Spring, flowers in Summer and seed heads in Autumn. The plants also smell good - I have given them a (non-autonomous) "Smell the Lavender" interaction. If you click on the plant, your sim will go up to it and smell it. They will get a small boost to their comfort and fun motives for doing this. The interaction is available all year round, after all, lavender leaves also smell good!

The plants were cloned in an OFB + Seasons environment, and although seasonal plants are usually base game compatible, I think these require an EP of OFB or higher - probably thanks to the custom interaction. I tried them in an AGS up to Nightlife EP combination and the game wouldn't load. I took them back out and it would. They worked fine in a Pets + M&G game, though without Seasons, you will only see the Summer version of the lavender.

As these plants were cloned from the midbiscus, I have changed some of their pre-set characteristics to make them more plantlike and less treelike. I cleared the "obstructs view" flag, so they don't fade out when you get close in to them. I also cleared the "lightening strike-able" flag, otherwise any lavender lined paths would become the Path of Death in a thunderstorm. I left them flammable, though. I also changed the category from "Tree" to "Shrub", which I think means they now attract butterflies instead of wolves. I certainly saw plenty of butterflies while testing them.

The lavender plants are visible in Hood view and have their own, seasonal Lod90 scenegraphs. They have been Compressorised. They are recolourable, with a lot of effort, and the recolour package is very little smaller than the main object, so it's much easier to clone them.

The Lavender plants are available in Build Mode under Garden Center/Shrubs for $65.

As usual I photoskinned thes, because I suck at drawing. The picture attributions are under the spoiler.

Polygon Counts:
Both plants use the same meshes.

Lavender mesh 1088 Vertices
Lavender Lod90 mesh 80 Vertices

Additional Credits:
My thanks to @Raynuss and Echo for their seasonal plants tutorials and to Jasana Bugbreeder for her Lod90 tutorial.

Thanks to the makers of Simpe, Blender, Paint.net, AnyGame Installer and the other cool utilities they supply for free for our use.

Thanks to MTS for hosting my uploads!