Mod-Ur-Servo: Accessories for the Discerning Robot

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Uploaded: 14th Jul 2019 at 7:43 PM
Updated: 15th Jul 2019 at 1:56 AM
I know it's been years since I released my Servo mod, but I've been tweaking it this whole time! I got tired of all the Servos in my game looking the same, so I made some accessories to give them a little more personality, and this is the first batch of add-ons. This meant I had to modify my original Servo mod to accept the new accessories, so you'll need to download the latest update for that, available here - all of these are only useful if you have that mod too, obviously, and the updated mod includes a lot more improvements than just accessory compatibility, so you should check it out even if these add-ons don't interest you.

I started by converting Skelljay's gorgeous eye mod for TS2's Servo, which are so much more lively than the beady Maxis eyes, and I added some recolours. I also recoloured the Maxis eye texture to match, converted some wearable accessories, all modified to fit Servo perfectly, along with shorter, less creepy eyelashes and some new lipstick shades.

This pack includes:

- modified sombrero from the party pack, linked to a buff as the original (+1 embarassed)
- bow from Cats & Dogs
- bowtie from Cats & Dogs
- rubber duck swim ring from TS3 Store (robots need help floating!)
- new, shorter eyelashes
- new lip colours
- new eye colours
- new eye texture, courtesy of Skelljay

All basegame compatible! Eyes can be found under skin details, lips are new swatches for the female heads, everything else can be found under accessories. Every item has a custom icon for easy finding in CAS. This is the first of several accessory packs for Servo I have planned, so stay tuned for more!

Polygon Counts:
Lashes: 27 polygons for all LODs

Bow: LOD0 and LOD1 - 488 polygons; LOD2 - 222 polygons; LOD3 - 106 polygons

Bowtie: 172 polygons for all LODs

Swim ring: 586 polygons for all LODs

Sombrero: LOD0 - 820 polygons; LOD1 - 432 polygons; LOD2 - 272 polyons; LOD3 - 150 polygons

All other items are simply textures.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Skelljay for allowing me to use her eye texture! Find her here: