Lohi Luau - An Island Dream Spot

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Uploaded: 13th Sep 2019 at 8:05 PM
Updated: 18th Sep 2019 at 5:55 AM
Hello everybody!

Returning with yet another addition from my favorite creations, may I present Lohi Luau

The plan for this place came into my head all at once and I felt compelled to bring it to life. I really wanted a slick club and restaurant design that wasn't cheesy or cramped and brought out the very best of the beach in an open air setting!

Featuring a beachfront location, luxury dining, DJ booth, elevated pool/hot tub and a bridged boardwalk surrounded by palm trees. And what luau would be complete without a fire-dancing mat?

If you were looking for the cherry on top of the most romantic vacation your Sims have ever had, this is it! Perfect for dates, outings and engagements! If you think it looks pretty in the daytime, just wait til you see how it lights up at night

All EP's required! Place it on the beach in Twikii or your favorite island vacation destination and enjoy! Comments and feedback are welcome as always

Lot Size: 4x4
Lot Price (furnished): 0

Custom Content Included:
- Floor Recolor by girl-heart
- Tiki Match Bamboo Dining Table by Ailias at MTS
- Slats Wall Coverings by tribeccasims2
- Bijoux Chair Mesh by Holy Simoly
- Monsoon Fence B by Moune999 (no longer available)
- Phoenix canariensis (8 m) by AlexStanton1983
- Harlem Mid Century Planter - Palm by Padre
- Large Rocks by Brighten11
- Course Sand by Brighten11
- Rock with Moss by Brighten11
- Beach Sand by Brighten11
- Grainy Sand 1 by Brighten11
- SONO-Outdoorset Plant by Tolli