Pizza, pizza!..... edible/decor Pizza set!

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2019 at 4:29 PM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2020 at 9:20 PM
This is a PIZZA set consisting of edible slices and decor whole pizzas :

  1. whole pizza (deco)
    $15 329v/608f 15 presets
  2. Pizza slice
    $2 331v/522f 15 presets
  3. Whole deep dish (deco)
    $15 347v640f 4 presets
  4. Deep dish pizza slice
    $2 208v/358f 4presets
  5. whole Spanakopita pie
    $20 327v/598f
  6. Spankopita slice
    $3 251v/428f
  7. Whole pastiera napoletana pie
    $25 327v/598f 3 presets
  8. pastiera napoletana slice
    $4 251v/428f 3 presets
  9. Whole tomato basil pie
    $25 340v/624f
  10. tomato basil slice
    $4 263v/460f
  11. Calzone
    $3 351v/638f 3 presets...even though you might not be able to tell the
  12. Pizza warmer(with 43ish slots)
    $250 2242v/2628 2 overlays but recolorable with 2 channels
  13. Pizza tray Savvier seller(with 9 slots)
    $50 544v/1020f 2 overlays but recolorable with 1 channels
  14. Pizza tray (decor tray with 5 slots)
    $15 544f/1020f 2 overlays but recolorable with 1 channels
  15. Pizza box Savvier Seller(with 9 slots)
    $0 218v/132f 6 presets
  16. Pizza box ( deco container 5 slots)
    $0 218v/130f 6 presets

All slices are edible (morsels) all whole pies and pizzas are decor.
and can be found appliances/misc
all trays/containers can be found under surfaces/displays

Mesh is by me! and texture are by me also, but pics of recipes from google were used to make them.....
The Savvier seller Items uses:
Ani's Savvier Seller Mod
World adventures for the morsels....And
University and the original Savvy Seller Set always they will only be decor containers if you don't have these mods.....

Additional Credits:
I thank everyone in the community cause you guys are a big reason i keep trying to make stuff! And special thanks to jenine74! for being my own personal test subject and putting up with my harassment!