Little Aussie Sleeper

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2020 at 5:15 AM
Updated: 21st Jan 2020 at 3:10 PM
My first baby clothes recolour. Our wildlife has been on my mind with all the fires going on here in Australia so this is for our national animal, the koala. If anyone would like to help the koala or any of our other wildlife here is a link to Wires. (Wildlife Information, Rescue and Education Service)

This mesh is a conversion of the footie PJs from Happy Holidays stuff for toddlers to babies by Sevenskellington Mesh included. ( TOU Do what you'd like with my content, but keep it away from pay-sites and credit is always appreciated!) Like all Maxis meshes it suffers from bad mapping. I wanted the koala at the top but the mesh had its own ideas... so I added some gum leaves at the top and the koala down on the right.

There are the five main colours as shown from left to right. Purple, turquoise, Fuchsia, brown and red. There is also a grey because it's like a koala, but I couldn't stop it pixelating, mostly on the side. See picture
Each recolour is clearly labelled so should you not want the grey or any other colour it's easy to remove. All colours are unisex.

This item uses Chris Hatch's Buy Baby outfit mod so you can buy, plan and change your babies clothes as often as you want. This is NOT a default. You need any EP from Pets or above to be able to use the mod.
If you have Base game only the clothes can still be used by townifying them with the Wardrobe Wrangler. They will then be randomly assigned when a baby is born, but can't be selected.
Updated Buy Baby Outfit Mod
(TOU My policy on everything has always been 'Do whatever you like provided it's kept free' Therefore I do not require credit, if it helps others have fun then go ahead and share. I give full consent to use all or any part, alter or add in anyway that you like, provided it is kept free.)

Correl Paintshop Koala and leaves used with Attribution

Additional Credits:
simmer22/Theraven for the tutorial on how to recolour baby clothes.
Baby hair also by her

Chris Hatch for the marvellous buy and plan baby outfits mod

gdayars for her continuing help with Correl Paintshop.