The Santorini Hotel -No CC

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My forth and last Monopoly Contest property is a luxury Mediterranean hotel, The Santorini. The contest and details about this round can be found here: This hotel is designed as a an adult get away, perfect for a honeymoon or a child free weekend.

There are four suits each with a private bathroom, internet connection, mini fridge stocked with Belgium chocolates and liqueur, large TV and coffee maker. The two suits overlooking the pool come with balcony dining while the two front rooms have in in room dining. Each suit comes with a phone and smoke alarms. On booking you may select the Rose, Tangerine, Plum or Citrine suits depending on availability.


Hotel features relaxation and stone massage, sauna, gym, spa and pool and tour guide. Room service, stairs as well as a lift, public toilets.
The inside bar serves up both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks with coffee available out near the pool. The head chef is always ready with fresh Mediterranean dishes and piano is played every evening.

The Santorini prides itself on service and pampering.

Note: A couple of the bathrooms had the lay out moved around from the way the photo shows due to sims not being able to access the showers
Play tested with a copy
Chairs placed with the quarter tile cheat
Sim references removed in SimPE before uploading.

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price (furnished): 330,052

Additional Credits:
On/off lights by Mootilda
d_dgjdhh for hosting the contest