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TS3>TS4 Sim City Simmer Hoop Hamper

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Uploaded: 22nd Jan 2020 at 8:52 PM
He shoots! He scores! It's all over folks! The crowd's going wild, the Sim City Simmers are going to the laundry finals! Encourage your Sims to make a basket every time with this handy laundry hamper.
Originally created for The Sims 3 as a promotional T-Mobile object, I decided I wanted to convert the Sim City Simmer Hoop Hamper for use with Laundry Day. I thought it would be idea for kid's rooms or sports fans.

This converted hamper behaves exactly the same as any other that came with Laundry Day.
It has three Geostates which change between Empty, Half, and Full. You can see them in the attached screenshots.
It costs 50 simoleons and can be found under the Storage > Misc. sort in addition to the Appliances > Misc. sort.
It comes available in 9 swatches each featuring a correct specular and normal map.
I had to do some remapping of the original TS3 mesh so that the inside didn't look such a mess when it was empty.

The clothing in the hamper does not animate when Sims are rummaging for loose change. Not a particular issue but I like to make people aware.

Polygon Counts:
- Empty - 494
- Half - 509
- Full - 630

- Empty - 266
- Half - 275
- Full - 337

Additional Credits:
TSR Workshop,