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Pass Along and Transfer Lots to All

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Uploaded: 11th Apr 2020 at 4:15 PM
Updated: 20th Jun 2021 at 1:36 AM
Update: Now possible to transfer vacation homes via the Propose interaction even if you have no owned businesses

Have you ever wanted to pass along business perks or transfer owned lots to sims who live off-lot, like for example, your sims' children who have gone to college, but found that you can't? This mod solves that problem. Now, you can pass along business perks and transfer lots to visitors. Note that you still can't transfer lots to visitors via the deed to the lot, you have to use the Propose.../Transfer Lot Ownership interaction, which does require you to have some relationship with the other sim, and also requires that the other sim be playable. Similarly, other existing requirements for the pass along social have not been changed, but you can pass along perks to non-playable sims.

Note: I've experienced deeds disappearing from inventory when transferring lots between families, either put the deed somewhere else before transferring, or transfer the deed first using the Give Gift interaction.

Game Compatibility

Should be compatible with any game configuration involving OFB.

Hack Compatibility

Will conflict with any hack that changes when these interactions are available, but shouldn't otherwise. It modifies BHAVs 0x2389 and 0x23CE in group 0x7F01EC29.