(200th UPLOAD) Mermen Brothers - Happy Mermay!

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Uploaded: 25th May 2020 at 8:59 AM
Updated: 15th Jun 2020 at 9:36 PM
Custom Content by Me:

Custom Sliders Used:

To celebrate Mermay, most people go ahead and make mermaids. So just to switch things up, here are some mermen to populate your ocean.

They all use jewellery from Bon Voyage.


Custom Content Included:

Callaetus is the eldest brother, therefore he has a lot of responsibility to keep his brothers at bay (not literally!) He's very cheerful and works hard to keep the creatures in the see happy and safe.


Custom Content Included:

The middle brother, Miraltus is quite contemplative and often ends up deep in worrying of what might happen. Hence, Callaetus has his work cut out to keep him staying positive.


Custom Content Included:

Algulor is the youngest brother and determined to become a sea guardian just like his older brothers, but needs to realise that being a guardian is a big responsibility.

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