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Mt. Komorebi Power Fix!

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Uploaded: 14th Nov 2020 at 5:10 PM
Updated: 31st Jan 2023 at 10:06 PM
Mt. Komorebi Power FIX!

All residential lots on Mt. Komorebi have a latent power draw, even on empty lots! Place the new Power Gnomes to compensate for it!

If you have a Residential house in the Yukimatsu or Wakaba neighborhoods, there will be a constant power drain of -36.37. The Senbamachi neighborhood has a power drain of -72.74, even when the lot is COMPLETELY EMPTY.

Each power gnome will provide the lot with a constant power increase of 36.37. So, just place these on your lot, and NO MORE POWER DRAIN!

Your lot will STILL consume power if you place other powered objects like stoves, radios, and such. The Power Gnome just provides 36.37 power each to compensate for the -36.37 power drain on the lot.


If you have a house in the Yukimatsu or Wakaba neighborhoods, simply place ONE Power Gnome and There will be NO MORE power drain on an empty lot!

If you have a house in the Senbamachi neighborhood, place TWO.

You can find the Power Gnome under Decorations/Sculptures near the top. It's only 10 simoleons. (Make sure to have CC enabled and that you are viewing CC in the buy catalog!)

Version 1.2 is fully compatible with The Sims 4 version 1.95.207

This mod is INTENDED to work with Snowy Escapes, but doesn't REQUIRE it. It only requires the base-game.

It should have no compatibility problems as it's simply a modified Gnome from the base-game.

Install Instructions:

Simply place the package file(s) somewhere in your game's Mods folder.

Updating from previous versions:

* Delete the old package(s)
* Copy in the new package(s)


None that I know of.

1.0 - Initial Release!
1.1 - Added custom thumbnails to all swatches and changed the name to "Power Gnome Fix" to make it easier to search and find in the catalog.
1.2 - Removed most "Gnome" related stuff. Left a few minor things but now it won't be effected by holidays and such.