The Watering Hole

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Uploaded 22nd Dec 2020 at 4:44 AM

Just what it says, its a watering hole, full of scum and villainy, oh and look! There are sims! This is a Star Wars inspired restaurant for your sims to go to, and get a glass of blue milk, or maybe fried Endorian tip-yip. The Watering Hole was settled somewhere in the Galaxy, where the pirates come and gather, the smugglers find a dark corner to make their trades.

The restaurant sits on a 20x15 lot. The Entrance to the Cantina, like the traditional one in Star Wars is on the side of the lot not the front. It opens into a small foyer type area, with some seating, before you get into the restaurant proper where the host will be waiting to seat you. If you're only looking for a drink, feel free to hit the bar where the blue milk is cold and the Black Spire Fizz is . . . well fizzy.

The seating is mostly in alcoves to give you that sense of privacy that one might want to find in a Cantina, for all those tricky trades and smuggling deals you don't want the Imperials to discover, are they around? one never knows. You never know who is spying for the other side. (I think its Bella Goth, but I could be wrong.)

There are two small bathrooms off to the side by the kitchen which is sectioned off by a low wall to keep traffic clear and concise. Flags are hanging about the cantina for most if not all factions. you'll find kegs of Black Spire Ale in the bar, no you can't hold a kegger, the owner frowns upon that. (and he may feed you to a krayt dragon, or a rancor. They frown on thievery ya know.)

All the staff, from the hosts, the waiters and the chefs are all dressed in Batuu attire, so Journey to Batuu is required for game play. Not to mention the menu is almost all Star Wars in design with a few other dishes thrown in. (I mean, come on, who doesn't like Endorian Tip-yip!)

Lot Size: 20x15
Games Required: Dine Out and Journey To Batuu (everything else is base game)

Thank you, happy simming and may the Force be with you! Now where did I park that X-Wing?

Lot Size: 20x15
Lot Price (furnished): 34896
Lot Price (unfurnished): 33396