La Croix Playground recolors!

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Uploaded: 7th Jan 2021 at 3:27 AM
My graphics card recently crashed and died, and I only just got around to reinstalling TS2 on my new computer (cheaper to replace the computer). Now, I'm going through the process of determining which of my downloads got corrupted or were responsible for game crashes, and what better way to kill game loading time than with a new pack of recolors?

Continuing my La Croix-inspired sets, I bring to you a full EAxis playground recolor! You'll need AL for most of it, but the swing is basegame and you shouldn't need anything special for that.

Swing Kidz Deluxe Swingset > ?450
Centrifun from Go Play > ?500
Hey Hey It's the Monkey Bars from Go Play > ?280
Slidenfraude from Go Play > ?300
Super Tower from Go Play ?600