Five More Harvestable Pokemon Berry Trees

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Uploaded: 3rd May 2021 at 8:48 PM
Continuing on in my series, I present Persim, Lum, Figy, Oran, and Sitrus berry trees.  I found the sapling generator in Blender, so I'm relying less on the EAxis trees for their trunks, which makes me quite happy, although for the most part, I do still use EAxis foliage.  They do have neighborhood models, as well as dormant and snowy states, and proper good/bad/medium states!  I do wish I could find the blossom texture that's linked, but I can't find the actual link.

Each berry is in Appliances > Miscellaneous, because Aysarth put their fruit there and I didn't see a reason to change it, for 35.
Each tree is in Build Mode > Garden Center for 1200, just like EAxis garden trees.

Poly counts: As a reminder, EAxis trees are around 20k.
Figy berry: 600
Figy tree: 12842
Lum berry: 346
Lum tree: 7674
Oran berry: 508
Oran tree: 13515
Persim berry: 802
Persim tree: 15178
Sitrus berry: 948
Sitrus tree: 18634

Miscellaneous credits:
Persim berries and the stems on Sitrus come from BellPepper V1 by printable_models
Lum model is from Tangerine - Peeled by James West
Aysarth's Pear Trees from which I initially cloned
Bulbapedia for berry and berry plant references