Saint Louis Deluxe - 2 Click Foundation - No CC

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Uploaded: 9th May 2021 at 9:40 PM
Saint Louis Deluxe - 2 Click Foundation - No CC

This is an improved version of Saint Louis BG which 
offers a 2 click foundation and more decoration on the outside, the roof has different slopes, the 
facade colors have been modified but it is still just as cozy for the sims.
the foundation height was modified with the tool
Mootilda's TS2GridAdjuster tool and following the guidelines published by 
CatherineTCJD's tutorial.

this lot is made up of the following areas:
  • 2 Bedrooms
  • Living Room
  • Dining room
  • 2 - 1/2 bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Fireplace
  • Pool and Barbacue
  • Pond and Fountain


This is a clean copy of solar file
verified and cleaned with Simspack2 Clean Installer by Mootilda