On the Cross – 60s Mod Dress for Teen-Elder

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Uploaded: 18th May 2021 at 5:43 PM
Updated: 28th Jan 2022 at 12:49 PM
I’m in the process of creating a Beth Harmon sim from The Queen’s Gambit and needed some good 60s outfits for her. Since I couldn’t find anything close enough to the outfits in the show, I decided to create some myself.

This is a simple mod dress, inspired by the dress Beth wears in Paris in episode 6. I’ve also included two other variations of the mod dress, to give all the vintage sims a bit of variety.

  • For females, teen-elders
  • It can be found in full body outfits under Everyday, Formal and Career. It is not enabled for random
  • Maternity enabled for all ages, teen-elder
  • The dress comes with 3 different presets, all with different RGB masks (see pictures for reference). Preset 1 has 2 recolourable channels, preset 2 has 3 channels, and preset 3 has 4 channels.
  • The dress has custom thumbnails


LOD1: 3829
LOD2: 1921
LOD3: 967
LOD1: 3786
LOD2: 1900
LOD3: 956
LOD1: 3790
LOD2: 1887
LOD3: 943

Model Credits:
Skin: Kurasoberina
Eyes: Brntwaffles
Elder Hair: Store/Store/Store
Adult Hair: Plumdrops/Store/Eternila
Teen Hair: Beaverhausen/Beaverhausen/Nama
Glasses: Tamo
Poses: Elexis/k2m1too

Additional Credits:
Many thanks to The Queen and the Crown – a virtual exhibition featuring several of the outfits from The Queen’s Gambit, which was a lifesaver in referencing the dress.