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Daniel Diaz (Life is Strange 2)

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Uploaded: 1st Jul 2021 at 4:15 PM
Updated: 5th Jul 2021 at 12:05 PM
I realised only after submitting to moderation that I’d forgotten to give him a watch, so I’ve updated the downloadable archive, outfit screenshots, and CC list to accommodate this.

Contains recolours of Maxis content.

Custom Content Required but not Included:

Custom Facial Sliders Required:

Custom Body Sliders Required:

Default Replacements Used:

EP/SP Content Required:

Oh boy, I've been pretty anxious about putting this up for download since I've worked hard on it.

Daniel Felipe Diaz (Roman Dean George/Sara Matsumoto) is the younger brother of Sean Diaz and the deuteragonist of Life is Strange 2 (2018-2019).

Following a tragic incident where their father Esteban Diaz was killed, Daniel and his brother are forced to run away from their home city, Seattle. In fear of the police, he and his brother flee intending to head to their father's hometown Puerto Lobos, Mexico, while attempting to conceal Daniel's mysterious supernatural power.

Daniel is described as "mischievous, trusting, innocent and curious" in official marketing material. Daniel looks up to his older brother, and his personality is directly influenced by Sean's actions, whether they are good or bad.

- This upload consists of two archives:
ws_danieldiaz contains the Sim of Daniel.
ws_danieltops contains his customised tops.
- Daniel was supposed to also have his "Space Mission" shirt standalone, but I ran into a problem where I couldn't get it to show up in CAS. Once I fix the problem I plan on uploading it.

Daniel’s "Space Mission" shirt with the button-up shirt on top from Episode 1.
Base Game compatible
Type: Body
CAS Part Type: Top
Age: Teen
Gender: Male
Category: Everyday
Extended Category: Valid for Random
Other: Human
Channels: 2

Traits: Animal Person, Excitable, Friendly, Loves the Outdoors
Lifetime Wish: N/A

Favourite Music: Cookies
Favourite Food: Pop
Favourite Colour: Red
Voice: 1

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Additional Credits:
- MasterController was used while working on Daniel.
- Reference images taken from here.
- Shirt design traced from here.