[TS2] Daniel Diaz (Life is Strange 2)

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Uploaded: 2nd Feb 2022 at 3:12 AM
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Daniel Felipe Diaz (Roman Dean George/Sara Matsumoto) (born 11 April 2007) is the younger brother of Sean Diaz and the deuteragonist of Life is Strange 2 (2018-2019).

Nine-year-old Daniel is mischievous but innocent. He often looks up to Sean in a parental way, and Sean's actions can have a direct influence on Daniel's, such as in truthfulness and morality... and swearing. He looks at a lot of things with a childlike curiosity. Outside of his family, Daniel most notably befriends Chris Eriksen over their shared interest in the superhero Power Bear.

Daniel is a pretty hardcore gamer. He can spend hours on end talking with his best friend Noah through a headset. Like his father, he has an interest in video games, and Halloween; they spend a lot of time on the PlayBox together, and Daniel is always hyped for making Halloween costumes.

Daniel is also something of a chocaholic. Never deny him his Chock-O-Crisp, or chances are that he won't speak to you for a while.

Special thanks to Jawusa for rextexturing the hair especially for this upload!

Jawusa's Retexture of Newsea YU002 Nobody:
Original Mesh: Newsea
Retexture: Jawusa
Type: Hair
Colour(s): Black, Brown, Blonde
Sex(es): Both
Age(s): All

Type: Makeup
Category: Eyeliner
Sex(es): Both
Age(s): All

Type: Makeup
Category: Face Makeup
Sex(es): Both
Age(s): All

Original Mesh: MDPthatme/DeeDee-Sims
Type: Top
Outfit(s): Everyday
Sex(es): Male Only
Age(s): Child

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Reference image for shirt: https://res.cloudinary.com/teepubli...s/5111918_0.jpg