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Cat Fishing Skill

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Uploaded: 16th May 2021 at 1:16 PM
Updated: 15th Sep 2021 at 10:21 PM
September 15, 2021: Version 2.8
Wow, so it looks like my fix from 2.6 caused the skill journal to blank out after save and load. Sorry about that. So much to learn, so much to test . This should fix that issue.

September 13, 2021: Version 2.7
Fixed PlayInWater so that it gains Fishing skill again.
Fixed bug where Drop Here was not being added to all prey in inventory.

September 10, 2021: Version 2.6
Fixed a bug that was resetting sims when a fish is caught.

July 21, 2021: Version 2.3
Fixed a problem with the STBL instance ID that could cause problems with non-English settings.
Added French, Chinese, and Russian translations.

Even though Sims 3 cats and dogs can be player-controlled active sims, I've never thought they had much depth of gameplay. They have exactly one visible skill, Hunting, which is used for every skill check from fights to, well, hunting.

This is the first mod in what I hope will be a series to give pets more to do. It is a fully-formed fishing skill separate from hunting that behaves closer to the way human fishing behaves. It includes:
  • A "Fish A While" interaction that behaves like human "Fish Here" with three different tones: Fish Indefinitely, Catch 5 Fish, and Fish Until
    Skill Increases.
  • The original fishing interaction that requires user direction for each try is now "Catch A Fish"
  • An Inspect Water interaction that behaves like the human version
  • Fish caught are related to the fish available in that body of water (i.e. the fish you see in Inspect Water). EA's cat fishing ignored the fishing location and picked a random fish from every possibility in the game. Thus you could get three-eyed fish from your local pond (and I did).
  • A skill panel with 4 skill challenges that grant bonuses
  • A "Play in Water" interaction available to kittens that starts building the fishing skill.
In addition, I added a "Drop Here" inventory interaction for all prey that directs the cat to drop the prey where it is standing so it can eat it. By default, pets have a "Drop Somewhere" interaction that directs the cat to drop the prey someplace on the lot (extra likely locations where their humans might step on it), but they have no way to choose the location to drop except dragging directly from inventory.

One final note: pets get very little hunger gain from eating prey in the vanilla game. The devs clearly thought of it as fun rather than a way for animals to feed themselves. I highly recommend the More Filling "Minor Pets" Snacks tuning mod

Another note after that: Pet routing to bodies of water (drinking or fishing) is prone to route fails. Oceans seem to work fine, but ponds must be deep enough and have a fairly steep bank or the cat will route fail. I have no idea if this can be improved.