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TS3_TS2 Ultra Lounge Boy's Bedroom Set

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Uploaded: 11th Sep 2021 at 9:00 AM
Updated: 11th Sep 2021 at 10:03 AM
The Ultra Lounge Boy's Bedroom Set is modern and futuristic for adults and teens bedrooms; and also full of fantasy for boys to enjoy in their kid's room - suitable for all Sims!
Looks like Bella Both has posed for a photo...but who is the boy in the other photo???

The Ultra Lounge Boy's Bedroom Set and Ultra Lounge Girl's Bedroom Set contain about half a dozen of the same items; so I have split them up in order that each set has the same number of items. Please mix and match.

Bingo's 3-Set Collection (2x1) is a wall sculpture with 3 wall shelves displayed with toys.
Block Robot from TFWIKWTCI is a toy robot wall sculpture available with 2 blue color options.
Blue Treasure Toy Box is a blue toy box.
Boxer Dresser (2x1) is a sleek two drawer dresser.
Double Frame Photo is a sculpture available in two colors - green and light wood.
Eric's Ultra Deluxe End Table version 2.0 is a modern mid-century style end table.
Light in the Dark is a wall lamp.
The Prodigy is a chalk masterpiece wall hanging.
Two Arm Floor Lamp is a floor lamp.
Ultra Sleeptron Bed is a stylish, comfy single bed to energize all Sims who sleep on it.

The Boxer Dresser requires the Glamour Life Stuff Pack - all other 9 items have been cloned from Sims 2 base game objects.
The Ultra Lounge Boy's Bedroom Set zip.file contains all 10 items (with separate folders for each item). I have also attached individual zip.files of each of the 10 items.

Happy Simming!

Bingo's 3-Set Collection = Polygon 852
Block Robot from TFWIKWTCI = Polygon 372
Blue Treasure Toy Box = Polygon 627
Boxer Dresser = Polygon 634
Double Frame Photo = Polygon 68
Eric's Ultra Deluxe End Table version 2.0 = Polygon 784
Light in the Dark = Polygon 378
The Prodigy = Polygon 68
Two Arm Floor Lamp = Polygon 936
Ultra Sleeptron Bed = Polygon 1596

Additional Credits
Thanks to TSR Workshop, SimPE, Milkshape 3D and EA Games as without these programs creating objects would not be possible.
Also Numenor for CEP, EA Sims3 Store and Delphy's Sims3 Multi Pack Installer.