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TS3_TS2 Ultra Lounge Bath Collection

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Uploaded: 3rd Sep 2021 at 2:14 PM
Updated: 6th Sep 2021 at 10:56 AM
Time for a new bathroom set!
When the Ultra Lounge Bath Collection was released, there was speculation that the stunning furnishings might start a trend that when parties were hosted, all Sims would congregate in the bathroom and no longer the kitchen - I can see why!

Stainless Toilet is a slimline, stylish, metallic toilet.
Ultimate Bath Tub is a bath tub with a glass front panel and shaped headrest.
Ultra Lounge Mirror (2x1) is a 'wavy shaped' double mirror for everywhere in the home.
Ultra Lounge Sink is a stylish sink with inner glass bowl and complete with a towel.
Ultra Lounge Trash Can is a grey stylishly shaped trash can.
Ultra Lounge Wall Shelf (2x1) is a decorative wall shelf with sculptures and plants.
Ultra Modern (3x1) is a full wall height wall hanging sculpture.
Ultra Stylish Towel Rack is a towel rack wall sculpture to compliment all other accessories.

The Ultra Lounge Bath Collection zip.file contains 7 items (in separate folders) cloned from Sims2 base game objects.
The Ultra Stylish Towel Rack zip.file requires the Open For Business EP.
Update 06/09/2021 Added separate zip.files for each item.

Happy Simming!

Stainless Toilet = Polygon 926
Ultimate Bath Tub = Polygon 1912
Ultra Lounge Mirror = Polygon 550
Ultra Lounge Sink = Polygon 867
Ultra Lounge Trash Can = Polygon 301
Ultra Lounge Wall Shelf = Polygon 836
Ultra Modern = Polygon 1258
Ultra Stylish Towel Rack = Polygon 440

Additional Credits
Thanks to TSR Workshop, SimPE, Milkshape 3D and EA Games as without these programs creating objects would not be possible.
Also Numenor for CEP, EA Games Sims3 Store and Delphy's Sims3 Pack Multi Installer.