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Community Graveyard - City of the Dead Cemetery, NOLA

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Uploaded: 28th Nov 2021 at 9:29 AM
Community Graveyard - City of the Dead Cemetery, NOLA

An above ground cemetery is often called a "City of the Dead" due to the shadows from the tombs looking like a city scape. This lot is based on Lafayette Cemetery #1 in NOLA.  Includes Goth ancestral family plot, urns, tombstones and coffins. Should be a few ghosts as well! Replaces Umbrage Manor.  Used MOO. No CC used.

Value: $187,485
Dimensions: 40X30
Traits: Teen Neighborhood, Gnomes, Vampire Nexus
Lot Challenge: Spooky

Installation: After unzipping your download, place the package in your tray folder, found at C:/...Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Tray

Note: The package can't be placed in a subfolder.

In game, go to Options | Other | Enable Custom Content and Mods and check that the "enable custom content and mods" and/or "script mods allowed" is ticked. Reboot game and find the new lot in your Gallery.

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Thanks to:
Mersy at Pixabay