Vivarium condo | Movie inspired house

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2022 at 6:33 PM
Hi, guys!

So, I watched a movie yesterday that blew my mind, but I couldn't help but pay attention at the houses in it. They're all the same, over and over, and so I thought it would be nice to mimic them at The Sims.

So here we are:

There's TWO houses in the same lot, so you can play with two different families at the same time, you just need to lock corretly the doors, so that no strange people enter your house.

The houses are literally a copy of one another, I just changed the swatches and colors, so that's why there is only inner pictures of one house.


I hope you guys like it!

Remebering that I just based myself on the exterior of the house, because, as a movie one, the interior doesn't make any sense in scale.

Thanks for downloading