Atomic Retreat - 4br, 3ba

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2023 at 12:13 PM
Step inside and be greeted by groovy colors, funky furnishings, and spaceship-inspired accents. It's a place where bell bottoms meet nothing but comfort, ensuring that your stay will be far out and full of retro charm. Buckle up, because at Atomic Retreat, the nostalgia is set to warp speed!

This is my representation of combined Art-Deco, Retrofuturism styles vibes (:
I can't define particular one style, because it wasn't intended to be a build with particular style - otherwise, I tended to create 70s vibes. Hope you'll enjoy my vision (;

Lot size is 64x64. Max capacity is 8 sims.

Furnished — §189,354
Unfurnished — §135,702