Marik Ishtar's Egyptian Armbands & Wristbands from YuGiOh

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Marik Isthar wears some distinctive jewelry including these armbands and wristbands which can also be seen on many of the ancient Egyptian characters in the series.

In my last two posts, I released separate items for Marik Ishtar's Egyptian Armbands and Marik Ishtar's Egyptian Wristbands. Because these items are both classified as armband-type accessories in CAS, they cannot be worn at the same time, so now, I have created the combination of these two items, so you have the option to wear them together!

These armbands and wristbands work for male and female sims of all ages. They appear in CAS as an armband-type accessory and can be worn in combination with other accessories. Note that whenever several accessories are worn simultaneously, the game reduces the texture resolution of all of them to keep the game from slowing down.

When several accessories with morphs are worn together, there is a possibility of their morphs interacting inappropriately if their vertex IDs conflict. I will work to correct these conflicts when they occur between my own content, but I have no control over how other creators assign their IDs. For your reference, these armbands and wristbands occupy the following vertex ID ranges:

Vertex ID Ranges:

Very High (0):
32300 to 33531

High (1):
33532 to 34511

Medium (2):
34512 to 35195

Low (3):
35196 to 35555

Since the bodies of each age group and gender are rather different, I've sized and positioned the armbands and wristbands to present correctly on each. I've also created morphs so the armbands and wristbands will deform with the weight and fitness sliders in CAS. Within the zip file download, you will find only one package file because I have merged all these versions together: pu, cu, tm, tf, am, af, em and ef.

You should only need the Base Game for this accessory to work.

There are 2 recolorable channels and 9 pattern presets color-matched to precious metals and others historically used in the making of jewelry: Rose Gold, 18K Yellow Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, White Gold, Sterling Silver, Copper, Bronze, Brass and a Mix.

I optimized the poly count so these armbands and wristbands should not slow down your game.

Level of Detail (LOD) Counts:

Very High (0):
1232 vertices
1404 triangles

High (1):
980 vertices
1080 triangles

Medium (2):
608 vertices
720 triangles

Low (3):
320 vertices
360 triangles

Please do not upload my work on another site. I would like some credit for all the hard work I put in. This is for all the other Marik fans out there. Enjoy!

Additional Credits:
In these screenshots, Yami Marik's hair is Hair06 RedKing for male by Ginko Sims, Marik's hair is the Faux Hawk (for Male) by Kijik0, and the toddler Marik's hair is Kijiko Fauxhawk for Kids by poisonfireleafs. Custom eyelashes are from Set N2 and Set N3A by S-Club with the fix by Buckley. Isis wears the Midnight Jewel Dress by saliwa.

Yami Marik wears my Tombkeeper Eyeliner and my Obelisk Earrings.