[sims 3] Champs Les Sims World [populated, unpopulated, empty]

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2024 at 5:50 PM
Updated: 8th Jul 2024 at 9:43 AM
Champs Les Sims, France offers the cultural elite some of the finer things in life. Sims can learn the fine culinary art of nectar making, or flash over with a camera to learn the Photography Skill. This beautiful country town is sure to please the sense and invigorate the soul.

Expansion packs: World Adventures, Ambitions, Generations, Seasons & University. Late Night depending on which version you download.
Mods: Rabbit Hole Door Mod (base game version)

How to Place Households

As you can see, no lots are shown to be available.

However, if you hover over a lot and it turns green, you are able to move the household in.
Not entirely sure what causes this, but if I find out, I will fix this.

Tech Info
  • 2048 x 2048 map size.
  • incorporates spawners as intended by EA.
  • camera and sim non-routable is as intended by EA.
  • 7 layers, including global.
  • 10 terrain paint layers total.
  • textures on chunks as intended by EA.
  • lot count is 62. Sizes range mainly from 20-40. Outliers 15-64.
  • sims are as intended by EA.
  • files: 5 different versions of Champs Les Sims available. (empty - (un)populated - (no) Late Night) - zip files include CAW files


  • Original Champs Les Sims is missing terrain paints
    • The original Champs Les Sims came with 1 major flaw, that being the terrain paints not being present on lots. The most obvious example of this is the art gallery. In map view, there is visible terrain paint, however when you actually go to the lot, it isn’t there. So in this version of CLS I went over all the lots and tried recreating their terrain paints.
    • Another minor flaw is that some residential lots have a glitched out border. I also went ahead and fixed those.
  • Rabbit Holes with modded doors
    • I did not want to add 10 more lots to the world nor did I want to bulldoze already existing beautiful lots, so I decided to keep the shells of certain lots and make them a community lot. Some of those, with the help of mods, became rabbit holes.
    • If you do not want to use the rabbit hole door mod for whatever reason, you have options. Ranging from placing lots with rabbit holes (I recommend ones from Monte Vista as they blend in nicely), to placing rabbit holes underground.
  • Renovations
    My goal with renovating the interior of the lots was to change little and keep it as close to EA’s style as possible, using the least amount of Expansion Packs. Some houses remain entirely unchanged. While others look quite different. Here are some Examples.
    Since there weren’t many starter homes, I ended up adding 2 new homes from monte vista to have more options.
  • Creation of Family Backstories
    Since the goal of this world is to be as EA-like as possible, I took household descriptions from already existing households (from other sims 3 worlds), modifying them to fit the specific family.

CAW Process
Initially I Experienced these glitches once all lots were finished. To fix, I downloaded an unpopulated CLS, however, soon I realised this one also had the same glitch, so I did the fix as listed here. Basically made an excel sheet of all the lot info (address, lot name, etc). I bulldozed and undid said bulldozing. Then re-assign all information and place the correct lot. Once I’m completely happy with the lots, I added the households with nraas porter. Then I added the NPCs (service and role sims).

Pro Tips:
  • Never edit your lots in caw > edit in game. Instead export your world and modify your lots in the sims 3 (regular game) and save them to your library and place them in your world in caw > edit in game.
  • As for NPCs, they have 2 categories. Service and roles. For the service sims amount check this. (I kept it less than this though, always just 2 per category). And for role sims, it’s best to check how many registers, bars, bouncers, etc you have. If you want to make sure you have the right amount: export world. Open in sims 3 (regular game). Wait in game 12-24 hours so that every role has been assigned. Now with nraas master controller check which sims are unemployed (these are the same as your role sims). Count how many sims you didn’t make yourself and now you know how many you still have to make.

If you intend to use the CAW files and share your world publicly:
  • if you use the empty CAW file, preferably make sure to reference where you got it from and please don't reupload the empty CAW file.
  • if you use the other CAW files, preferably credit my post as the original.

If you notice any bugs, please let me know.
Fixes so far:
  • Business rabbit hole placement fixed.
  • Household description spelling error fixed.