Shorts with Suspenders - Batch 1 (70s/80s/90s SP recolors)

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2024 at 2:00 PM
Hi all!

This is my first upload! I know they're not much, but I had fun making them.

These are recolors of "af body decades overalls tee" from the 70s/80s/90s SP. But I changed the age to include teen, YA, and adult.

First up is...drum roll please... 'Music Bars'. A happy accident that is reminiscent of the LED stereo bars. This simple music homage include stereo bars on the pockets and a music note on the back pant pocket. This outfit will surely have you rocking.

Second up, hailing all the way from the mid 2000s, is a emotional piece of cloth that rebels against the establishment. 'Emo1'. The first in what I hope is a long line of emo/goth cc that I plan on making. Equipped with a rib cage design on the front and a skull+hands on the back pocket. This outfit will surely have you saying: "Whatever. It's fine. I guess." CAUTION: This product has been known to cause, but not limited to, the following side effects: emotionality, nostalgia, listening to MCR and/or Hawthrone Heights, your wallet growing a chain, hearing loss due to loud music, hair color changes, obsession with all things morbid and spontaneously growth of a pixie haircut. Consult your doctor before using this product.

III up, this intelligent little fellow hailing from the library is the star in 'Book Dino'. Sporting a stylish dino design on the tshirt, and a dino paw print on the back pocket, who could turn down such an adorable face. And what's that! *gasp* A bookmark in the front left pocket. Perfection! This outfit will surely have you curling up with a good book.

Fourth up, is just another brick in a wall. (Copyrighted lyrics I know. I'll remove this joke if needed. Just let me know.) But no amount of pesticide can keep hope down in 'Daisy'. Sprouting daisies on the front of the shirt, and a couple of paint splotches of the back pocket. This ray of sunshine outfit will surely have you going for a scroll in the park.

-All created using public domain clip art, GIMP and TSRW
-They all have the same recoloring options in game as the original item, 4 channels. However, due the nature of how I put it together, you can only see 3 of the color changes. (My pocket designs cover the pocket recolor in 3 out of 4 cases). The attached image shows the reCASTable parts. Unfortunately, in truth, being that I'm fairly novice and I was having trouble understanding the instructions, I had to Macgyver one together. And though it may not be a true CASTable area image, I tried to stay truthful to the spirt of one, and at least the important info is still present.
-All design options look best in high quality settings within the game.
-I know nothing about poly counts, so I couldn't say if these are one way or the other.
-Also, they all appear slightly darker in game then in my TSRW. I don't know if I did something wrong or if that's just how it is.
-You're welcome to download them individually or as a set.
-No conflicts should happen. But again, I'm new at this, so please keep me informed.
-Likewise, despite being tested, if the outfits don't work, let me know.

Feedback is welcome.

Thank you,