Pretty in Geo Fruit - Batch 1

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2024 at 2:09 PM
Hi all!
May I present the first of MANY batches of fruit themed outfits. (*shrugs* What can I say. I'm fruity for fruit loops.)

First up, this fruit is comes to us all the from the nation of Dragon. This 'Dragonfruit' as they call it, is spiky on the outside, but sweet on the inside. This outfit will have you roasting marshmallows with your breath in no time.

Second up, this coveted superfood 'Acai Berry' will make up for antioxidates (probably) what its name lacks in letters. This outfit will have you running away from jealous hipsters and Jamba Juice employees alike.

Third up, the summer staple fruit 'Watermelon' graces us with its presence. Though this watermelon doesn't lack seeds. It is still delectable and mouth-watering. This outfit will surely having you start up that backyard barbecue.

Fourthly, this little guy mustn't be forgotten. Though its appearance is similiar to other berries, its flavor is wholly unique. The earthly 'Raspberry' is a versatile supergiant in the fruit world. Creating unforgettable flavors with chocolate, coffee, icecream, jams/jellies, jello, cakes, candies, pies, yogurt and so much more! This dress will have you chewing on its hems trying to sap out that fruity goodness. CAUTION: This fabric only tastes great with honey. But bees like honey. Bees will like you. Run! ...A moose bit my sister. (This is copyrighted. I know. I will remove if requested.)

Rounding out Fifth place is a fruit that by smell alone, steals first place, because you smelled it at the beginning of this post. 'Durian' is its name. And stinky socks is it's game. You love it. You hate it. You know it by reputation alone. You wish you could watch more YouTube videos of people reacting as they eat it. It's DddddddUuuuuRrrrrIiiiiAaaaaNnnnnn. This outfit, like its name, will cause you to linger long after you've left the room.

Last, but not least, is a fruit that eats you! No, not a Plants/Zombies gone rogue (again copyrighted, I will remove if asked). Not a pine. Not an apple. But a 'Pineapple'! Great on pizza, in drinks, soda, straight out of the can like a barbarian, pizza, dried, candied...did I already say pizza?! This outfit will having people Dole-ing (hahaha. I'm very punny!) out comments to you all evening.

-They all have the same recoloring options in game as the original item, 4 channels. The attached image shows the reCASTable parts. Unfortunately, in truth, being that I'm fairly novice and I was having trouble understanding the instructions, I had to Macgyver one together. And though it may not be a true CASTable area image, I tried to stay truthful to the spirit of one, and at least the important info is still present.
-All design options look best in high quality settings within the game.
-I know nothing about poly counts, so I couldn't say if these are one way or the other.
-I forgot to put this on the Original Pink version, but this outfit was made using GIMP and TSRW
-Also, they all appear slightly darker in game then in my TSRW. I don't know if I did something wrong or if that's just how it is.
-You're welcome to download them individually or as a set.
-No conflicts should happen. But again, I'm new at this, so please keep me informed.
-Likewise, despite being tested, if the outfits don't work, let me know.

Feedback is welcome.

Thank you,