Ancient Dolmens (large and small)

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Uploaded: 19th Oct 2005 at 10:56 PM
Updated: 19th Oct 2005 at 11:11 PM
NEW Neighborhood Object: ANCIENT DOLMENS

As per request, here are the Dolmens, in perfect "Stonehenge ruined style"

The Dolmens are provided in two sizes: large and small (you can see both in the screenshots).

You can find both versions in the Neighborhood catalog, "Landmark" section.
Remeber: don't look for them in the lot Buy Mode catalog: they are NH objects...

Unlike many other NH object, Stonehenge can be placed anywhere in the neighborhood, even on roads and lots (as you know, the NH objects are visible in lot view, for Nightlife users).

IMPORTANT: Base-game (no-EP) players please read.
As described by Quaxi in this post, the support for the custom fences, walls, roofs and NH objects is available only with an EP installed. Quaxi describes a workaround, that I've applied to the Dolmens, so that no-EP players can enjoy it, too. But be warned: though my objects have a unique GUID, it might create conflicts with future expansions or custom object. Currently, no existing objects conflict with the Dolmens, but I have to warn you anyway

Therefore, no-EP users should download the "Dolmens_No-EP.rar" attachment, while EP users (UNI or NL or both) should download the "Dolmens_UNI-NL.rar" one.
Both rar archives contain both the "Large" and the "Small" versions.

Poly Count: Large = 156 facets; Small = 150 facets (if you are wondering "So few polys?", than remember that this is the correct size for a small neighborhood object like this )

Please report any issues and glitches that you might find.