Advent Wreaths - Fully animated w/ special light (UPD 24dec06)

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Uploaded 17th Dec 2006 at 4:22 PM · Updated 30th Mar 2018 at 8:03 PM by maxon

(Table and Ceiling version)
by MaryLou and Numenor

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24 DEC 2006: Added German translation (thanks to Khaibit)


The Advent Wreaths are widely used in many European countries during Christmas time. Each candle of the Wreath is associated to one of the four Advent weeks. The family assemble around the wreath each Sunday evening, and then one family member (usually, the youngest) lights up one or more candles.

The most traditional Advent Wreath has three purple candles and a pink one (the pink is the third to be lit up); but there are wreaths with candle coloured in many other variations.

There are two versions of the Advent Wreath: the Table version and the Ceiling-mounted version; both can be found in the Buy mode catalog, section Decorative/Sculptures.
When placed in the lot (either on a table or attached to the ceiling), direct a sim to "Light First candle": all the sims in the lot will assemble around the wreath and will cheer, while watching the wreath.
After the first candle has been lit up, you can light the Second Candle, and so on. Each additional candle will add to the overall ambient light: admire the light growing when the candles are lit in turn!

After the Wreath has been used at least once, you also have the option to "Extinguish Candles" and then "Re-Light Candles" at will.

Warning! Just like in real life, leaving lit candles unattended, during the night, may cause fire! So, never forget to extinguish the candles before going to bed!

Both the Advent Wreaths (table and ceiling version) work in any game configuration , including the base-game only (tested with the BaseGameStarter).
To install the wreaths, extract the packages from the attached RARs and put them in the Downloads folder (or use the Q-Xpress). To uninstall, just remove the packages from the Downloads.
Important: the "Table" version of the wreath is the repository: the "Ceiling" version requires the Table version in order to work.

The wreaths are fully recolourable (you can recolour separately the candles and the leaves).
In order to recolour them, create a recolour package for the "Table version" (which is the repository), and the recolour will apply at both wreaths.

Please DO NOT CLONE and DO NOT REPOST ANYWHERE. Recolours are fully allowed, but don't include the mesh in your packages: provide a link to this thread, instead.
You can include these items in your lots and post the lots on free sites (NO EXCHANGE!!!), but you must credit Marylou & Numenor and provide a link to this very thread (not just to MTS2).

Ah, almost forgetting...