Animated Holyday Set - UPD 06dec06

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Uploaded: 3rd Dec 2006 at 6:54 PM
Updated: 5th Mar 2012 at 9:39 AM by leesester - fix images
by MaryLou and Numenor
(Works in any game, including base-game)

06 DEC 2006 - Added German translation to the whole set (thanks to Khaibit)

It's holiday time! Dress up your house, make it shine and astonish your guest with this lovely Animated Holiday Set!

  • Wall-hanging Wreath with long fabric ribbon and flashing balls
  • Wall-hanging Centered Wreath with short ribbon and flashing balls
  • Electric Garland with flashing stars
  • Electric Garland with flashing balls
  • Table Centerpiece with working candles
  • Wall-mounted flashing "Merry Christmas" Neon Sign

All the items, except the Table Centerpiece, can be found in the Buy Mode catalog, subsection "Decorative/Paintings"; the Centerpiece is in "Decorative/Statue". Their usage is quite intuitive, but here are some "special" features:
  • All the items can be placed over doors, windows and other wall-hanging objects.
  • The two Wreaths and the two Garlands can be placed also on diagonal walls; the Neon Sign does *not* have a diagonal mesh.
  • The Centered Wreath is different from the "normal" wreath because it can be placed in the middle of two tiles: this allows you to put it on top of a double door, double arch or 2-tile window (which can't be done with Maxis decorations).
  • All the items act like lamps, i.e. they can be manually turned on and off, or can be set to "AutoLight". Please keep in mind that the wall-hanging items just act like lamps but they don't cast any actual light! So, don't put them in a black pitch room, or they would look black pitch, too.
    Only the candles in the Centerpiece cast a real light, and can lighten up a dark room.

Most of the set adopts the "Repository technique", i.e. all the textures are contained into one single object (the 1-Tile Wreath).
If you create a recolour for the 1-Tile Wreath, the recolour will apply automatically to the Centered Wreath and the two Garlands.
On the other hand, the Centerpiece and the Neon Sign are autonomusly recolourable, because they use their own textures.
Anyway, a lot of alternative recolours are already included in the mesh packages.

All the items of this set work perfectly with any game, including the base-game alone (tested with the BaseGameStarter).

Download the attached rar archives and unpack them to your Downloads folder (or a subfolder, if you like).
You can also use the Q-Xpress to download and install this set.
To uninstall (sooner or later, Christmas time will be over ) you can delete the packages from the Downloads folder.

You can freely create recolours, and post them on any site, but DON'T INCLUDE THE MESHES IN YOUR RECOLOURS; post a link to this thread, instead.
You can include this set in your lots uploaded to completely free sites (NO EXCHANGE!!!), as long as you grant credits to MaryLou & Numenor and you provide a link to this thread (not just to MTS2!).