Kickmouldings & Crowns *UPD 22 FEB 2007*

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Uploaded: 9th Aug 2006 at 11:28 PM
Updated: 22nd Feb 2007 at 6:59 PM - Bug-fixed all meshes
by MaryLou and Numenor


There was a bug, now fixed, that caused the University-only games to crash. Also fixed the bug that prevented users from picking the right colour from the catalog for the diagonal items.
The updated RARs are: KickMoulding+Crown_MESHES.rar and HalfWallCrown_MESHES.rar; please redownload.


  • BUGFIX: KICKMOULDING & CROWN (now the kickmouldings do NOT disappear any more when a staircase is placed nearby; also, they are correctly restored when the walls are torn down and then up again).
  • UPDATE: ALL THE RECOLOUR PACKS AND RECOLOUR SETS (now they include the half-wall crown, too)

No more flat walls! No more "fake" kickmouldings painted on the walls!
Your house will look "really real" with the kickmouldings, crowns and half-wall crowns by MaryLou & Numenor!

INSTALLATION - What you will find in the RARs
The file "Kickmoulding+Crown_MESHES.rar" contains the three meshes that the set is composed of: straight segment, diagonal segment and corner. The straight kickmoulding contains all the textures needed for the whole set, so you MUST install it!
The file "HalfWallCrown_MESHES.rar" contains the three meshes for the new half-wall crowns: straight segment, diagonal segment and corner. These meshes are "slave" of the kickmoulding (i.e. they borrow the textures from the kickmoulding)
All of the six meshes are needed. Extract the 6 packages from the rar and put them in the Downloads (or just let the Q-Xpress Installer do the job for you )

The other two files contains the 8 Recolour Packs (recolours for the kickmoulding+crown and halfwall crowns only) and the 3 Recolor Sets (complete recolours with coordinated floor tiles). See these pictures to get an idea:
2 1
All the packages contained in the two named RARs must be put in the Downloads, too, along with the meshes.

The last rar is a Recolor Template; this one package is NOT supposed to be put in the Downloads: see below, the paragraph about Creating Recolours.

The kickmouldings+crowns and the halfwall crowns can be found in the Buy Mode catalog, section Decorative -> Miscellaneous. You will find 6 icons: halfwall straight, halfwall diagonal, halfwall corner, kickmoulding+crown straight, kickmoulding+crown diagonal, kickmoulding+crown corner.
Usually, you don't need to pick the diagonal from the catalog, because the straight segments will automatically turn in diagonal position as soon as you approch a diagonal wall, just like any normal window, door or curtain. You need to purposely pick the diagonal from the catalog only in specific cases: when you want to put the kickmoulding over a diagonal door. The diagonal doors need a special "hole" on the kickmoulding, and this "hole" can be found in catalog only when you pick the diagonal kickmoulding (you won't find segments with the "hole" picking the straight segment).
See the following pictures to understand the different usage of the various pieces, as well as the corner (the pictures display the kickmoulding+crown only, but the same applies to the halfwall crowns, too).
pieces gif1 gif2

NOTE1: The pieces containing "holes" are actually recolours of the main kickmoulding! They are NOT separate objects. Just browse the recolours available in the catalog for the diagonal kickmoulding until you find the right one.
NOTE2: The corner is intended to be placed at the junction between two straight walls placed at a right angle: you can't use it on diagonal walls.
NOTE2: The corner (especially the half-wall one) is carefully designed, so to be placed on straight walls, at the sides of a window or door.

In some cases, you might like to have on a wall only the kickmoulding, or only the crown. And when you put a door on a straight wall, you don't have to put any kickmoulding on the wall section occupied by the door (you can put only the crown).
How to get rid of the unwanted pieces? Just select from the available recolours the special "invisible recolour" for the kickmoulding or the crown, and you'll have the results as shown in this picture:

The kickmoulding/crowns/halfwall crowns are quite an intricate system that involves the six different meshes at once; creating a working recolour it's not easy.
Therefore, we have prepared a special "Recolor Pack Template": just CLONE it (do NOT recolour it!), and replace the textures in the clone with your own ones. That's all! It couldn't be easier

Try all the different colour matches, decorate your house at your heart content! When you will look at a house without the kickmoulding and crowns by MaryLou & Numenor, you will say "BORING!!!"

MaryLou & Numenor: Always One Step Beyond!