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13" and 32" Televisions for coffeetables, endtables, and counters.

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Uploaded: 22nd Aug 2007 at 10:34 PM
Updated: 19th Mar 2009 at 6:14 PM by -Maylin-

The Televisions look like the 27" Maxis TV, because I just resized the orginal and removed the tv stand. I did resize the depth too.

The Small 13" Television sells for $100 and gives 10 to both fun and environment. This TV will sit on counters and endtables.

And the 32" TV sells for $200 and also gives 10 to fun and environment. This TV will go on the all coffee tables and endtables. Note: the tv does hang over a bit on the 2 tile coffee tables, (as seen in the pic) but is centered on 1 tile coffee tables and end tables.

Feel free to recolor these televisions just remember credit is nice and don't include mesh in your file, just include link back to this page for the mesh.

I have tested this game in the base game only and in the game with all expansion packs and stuff packs. Both worked fine. With that I assume it will work for all.

Hope you like and enjoy. Have a great day and Thanks for looking!!!

It was brought to my attention that sometimes the tv's will not sell back when you try to delete, so I checked it out and the sledgehammer tool (came with PETS EP) will delete it. Or turn move objects on and delete the table or counter it is sitting on. I am really sorry for the inconvience and if I can figure out what is causing the problem I will update the file.

Ok, just wanted to point out something really quick, since I haven't gotten around to fixing it. I know this says 10 for Fun and Environment, but I did not change the codes correctly, so it should still only give 6 like the orginal one. However, it does say 10 in the catalog view because I only changed the writing. But I have to point out, while testing this against the plasma TV along with the orginal, it really seems to depend on what they are watching with how fast the fun increases. Again sorry for any inconvience.

Polygon Counts:
Both TV's have the same:

polygons: 684

Vertices: 810

Additional Credits: SimPE and All the wonderful people at MTS2.