Space terrain for dirt neighborhoods - 19. April Space Sky Added

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Uploaded: 18th Dec 2007 at 6:59 PM
Updated: 24th Nov 2013 at 1:21 AM by leefish
I've been alerted the download doesn't work... and continues so, no matter what I do.
You can find everything at the Boldly Go here:
And when you're there, don't forget to look around. :-)

There was a problem which turned only the roads starry for some people. I tried to fix it, so please redownload.
I have also added the black sky projector recolour variant, to let you choose.

This is my first upload and in most part it is a homage to Jasonduskey and his wonderfull ships.
I'd like to give you the whole space for them, because nothing less can express how gratefull I am. :-)

I made this by using the Waterworld by QwinsepiaSquared as a guide and doing basically the very same thing with other textures. I hope I haven't violated any author rights, but Qwinsepia isn't here at the moment and can't answer me. If it's not Ok, just contact me and I'll take it down.

I owe my thanks to:
QwinsepiaSquared, whose terrain I used to know what to do (her original waterworld is here:
Jasonduskey, who was behind this by making all of his ships (go to his profile at to find the ships in the screenshots and much, much more) and all sci-fi modders in general

This isn't anything of a big deal and you can do anything you want with it, show it in screenshots, tweak or whatever you want...

EDIT 19. April: Two weeks ago I've uploaded my recolour of Oberkorn's sky holoprojector, but it has not been approved or rejected. Being a rather new creator, I don't know how normal this is and I've decided to add the file to this thread. I hope there isn't any problem, if there is, please contact me


Soobok6336 suggested a space sky and this idea intrigued me, so after some searching I made this. It is a recolour of Oberkorn's sky holoprojector found here: (you need the mesh from there) and it is far from perfect, the stars are too big to match the terrain exactly for example, but I haven't been able to come up with something better just yet. If I ever manage to perfect it, I will update.

It can be useful for storytelling, but I'm not sure how would it work with real playing, because sometimes I have problems to grab the object again after placing and when I get too close to it, it tends to dissappear like the trees do. I'm not able to fix that though.

Credit goes to Oberkorn for making the mesh in the first place and to all the kind people, who liked my terrain and let me know by commenting or hitting the 'Thanks' button. I appreciate that very much and this is my gift to all of them.