New Major! - Christmas!

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Yes, Merry Christmas, in the words of the big fella himself. It's that time of year again and I want to get into the festive mood. So I have done that with a Christmas major. It has it's own GUID so it will not overwrite anything, It was cloned from the Maths Major.

Firstly. You will need to download FrikaC's MajorsMadeEasier.

Description of the main major - Christmas; the happiest time of the year, as most people think. Now your sim students can study about it. It's time to forget about the hard thinking skills and to practice those boring cleaning up and cooking skills. They will also learn how to tame the family when it comes to dinner time.

The main skills needed are - Cooking, Cleaning & Creativity. (Don't we all need those)

Freshman Term 1 - Is Santa Ever Unhappy?
Freshman Term 2 - Tips for Dinner: Fill 'em Up On Nibblies

Sophomore Term 1 - Remembering: The Reindeer's Names
Sophomore Term 2 - Remembering: Not Everyone Celebrates Christmas

Junior Term 1 - How To: Avoid the Terrible Christmas CD's
Junior Term 2 - How To: Choose the Right Gift - Not Socks & Jocks

Senior Term 1 - Stopping Family Bickering: Yeah Right.....
Senior Term 2 - How To Trap Santa Without Fail

I have attached the skills needed for each semester if anyone would like it.

I hope you enjoy this because this was pretty fun making it.

Merry Xmas!

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Delphy + Moderators SimPE FrikaC

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