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The Arcade at Night - 2 Victorian Lamps and a Shop Sign

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This download is part of the Victorian London Creator Challenge
Uploaded: 7th Apr 2008 at 1:39 PM
Updated: 29th Dec 2008 at 10:34 PM
After having found out that making lamps isn't as easy as I expected I proudly present you my entry for the challenge.
This small set contains:
-The Victorian Wall Lamp is a beautiful cast iron object with a globe made of milk glass.
-The Victorian Lamp on Pedestal has three globes and a nice brick pedestal, it will look great as a street lamp but also in your garden etc.

-The third new mesh is the Victorian Shop Sign, also made of cast iron. It has four stylish recolors.

All the objects were inspired by the style of Hay's Galleria in London. Here's a picture to campare the real and game objects:

I hope that you all like this objects and, if so, I'd be pleased if you told me or hit Thanks !

Polygon Counts:
JB-Victorian-ShopSign, Vertices:340 Facets:326
JB-VictorianLamp-Wall, Vert:1032 Fac:1064
JB-VictorianLamp-Pedestal, Vert:2581 Fac:2677

I know, a bit high...

Custom Content by Me:
- JB Victorian Shop Sign
- JB Victorian Shop Sign Rec. 1
- JB Victorian Shop Sign Rec. 2
- JB Victorian Shop Sign Rec. 3
- JB Victorian Shop Sign Rec. 4
- JB Victorian Wall Lamp
- JB Victorian Lamp on Pedestal

Additional Credits: SimPE Paint.NET
Blender 3D