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Asylum Challenge: Whitebrook Mental Health Center

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Uploaded: 10th Jul 2008 at 7:28 PM
Updated: 24th Nov 2008 at 7:33 PM by mike19
Whitebrook - For Mind, Body, and Spirit:

Whitebrook Mental Health Center is a inpatient treatment center for sims with a variety of mental issues. The state-of-the-art facility features a soothing home-like modern atmosphere where your sims can relax and recuperate in comfort and tranquility. Specializing in whole-patient treatment, Whitebrook doesn't just focus on the mind, but the body and spirit as well. Patients can craft pottery, play chess, play the piano, cook meals, garden, or even just kick back on the couch and watch tv.

The Asylum Challenge:

This lot is designed for Scout's excellent Asylum Challenge. While the challenge tends toward a more medical atmosphere with hospital gowns and padded walls, it's really not necessary, and I decided to go with a more relaxed atmosphere.

It should fit in with the requirements for the challenge - there are 3 single beds and 1 double bed, plus 4 chairs (2 at the dining table, 2 at the chess board) and 1 loveseat. There is a television (cooking), workout machine (body), piano (creativity), chess board (logic), mirror (charisma), and custom pottery table (mechanical), plus plenty of stuff to clean for cleaning skill. There is no fire alarm and no sprinklers - so cooking fires will happen! There is one toilet, one sink, and one tub - separated so your sims will not stomp and complain that they are inaccessible due to privacy issues. The kitchen might be a little bit cramped, but you can always take out the counters along the right wall if you want more space.

I have designed this lot after playing one challenge and learning from my mistakes. However, this lot has not been played with the challenge again so I cannot guarantee that it will go perfectly - but then, that's the fun of the Asylum Challenge!

While the original challenge is designed for a minimum of EPs, I have all EPs and have taken advantage of their features as best I can, while trying to stay true to the spirit of the challenge. Therefore, there are orange trees and a small garden plot, plus some tinkerable objects, a pond to fish in, etc.

Packaged but not included (get this stuff!):

Due to the complexity of these items, this lot has been packaged with these items, but they are not included in the file. I know a shopping list can be annoying, but these are items you really should have anyway, so if you don't already, go get them!

You must follow the links below and download each of the sets separately!

Pictured but not included:

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 79,214

Custom Content by Me:
- Jumbo Shrubby Shrub
- Large Shrubby Shrub
- Medium Shrubby Shrub
- Small Shrubby Shrub

Custom Content Included:
- Black Painted Brick Wall by Holy Simoly
- Blue Transparent Tile Floor by RGiles
- Dark Grey Tile Floor by Rensim
- Stockade Fence Design 7 by Tigdadx4 by Cooldadx4
- Fence Design 7 Half Gate by Cooldadx4
- Stockade Fence Design 7 by Tigdadx4 by Cooldadx4
- White modular stairs recolor by Nengi65