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Disney couples: Beauty and the Beast

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Uploaded: 4th Jul 2009 at 10:37 PM
For a past few weeks I was somehow obsessed with Disney movies and I watched almost every one of them. However, speaking of classics, Beauty and the Beast is my favorite and so I decided to make this lovely couple as sims. Making specific sims is really not that easy without any custom content available, and of course, I couldn't make Beast as ... well, a beast - so I made his human form. Finally, here they are: Belle and Adam (as the unofficial naming goes - I hate calling him 'Prince' or something like that, so I always call him Adam) from Beauty and the Beast.


Isn't she a pretty? I know, her hairstyle is not exactly as it should be, but I believe it was the best choice from the hairstyles given in the game. Now, she comes with two dresses: the yellow one (I love this dress in the movie and when I was little, I spent hours drawing it ) will show up in the formal category, and the white-blue you'll find in the casual category. I also tried to make separate hairstyles for them, but it didn't work out.
The traits I've chosen for her are: good, bookworm (that she definitely is), hopeless romantic and brave.


I was having so many troubles with him - mostly with his hair and even more with his clothes. There were only a few, two or three hairstyles that would resemble him enough, but when I tried them, they were, honestly - really awful (at least for me), so I choose this instead - I believe it suits him quite well.
And, about his clothes: under the casual category you'll find the 'I-just-transformed-from-the-beast' (as I call it) outfit (seen in the picture above), which does (again) not look exactly as it should, but I did my best. The same is with the formal outfit, that gorgeous blue-yellow suit which is not that gorgeous in the Sims - although I think it doesn't look that bad after all. You can see it in the picture below.

You'll need default replacement skins by 234jiao , default replacement eyes by aikea guinea and Delphy's CAS slider hack for them to work properly.

P.s.: I was wondering which couple to do next (if you'll like this one, of course), and I was thinking about Sleeping Beauty, the Little Mermaid or Pocahontas. Any suggestions?

Additional Credits:
I used the Crystal Castle by GiLaNg to take a few screenshots.