The Septic Tank

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Uploaded: 27th Aug 2011 at 2:57 PM
Updated: 19th May 2013 at 6:28 PM by leesester
My game is so NOT apocalyptic - or grungy. But I saw the new theme as a challenge and so I made this lot: The Septic Tank.

Why is it called the septic tank? umm..... the back story is that after the apocalypse my sim escaped the city and found a badly damaged water treatment plant (is SO making this up as she goes along) and saw that the old walkways could make great lookout towers (for zombies and stuff) and so got the rubble and made this bunker.

Yea. That's how it happened.

The lot is fairly heavily CFE'd, and you can't play it from the back - unless you like to play without being able to see your sim.

There is a bit of cc included - mainly by me, and a really nice fence from psychosim.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: 18744

Included Custom Content by Me:
- Big entrance Privacy window remeshed by leesester - 250 polys, in the catalogue with doors and windows
- GispenSim Desk - Mirrored
- Justa "Pocket" Door - 492polys, with the doors and windows (only available in this download at this time)
- The Slightly Less Tragic Stock-n-Stack Crate from LeeFish
- Place Me Anywhere Lamp - 1110 polys, in the catalogue with the floor lamps

Custom Content Included:
- Rusty Tornado Fence by psychosim

Custom Content NOT Included:(but highly recommended)
- Metal Door Recolors by Pixelhate

Phaenoh for her reworking of the Apocalypse Challenge which inspired me to make this lot.