Marik Ishtar's Tombkeeper Tattoo from YuGiOh

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Uploaded: 8th Apr 2012 at 3:28 PM
Updated: 18th Jul 2022 at 2:12 AM
Marik Ishtar is one of my favorite characters from the anime YuGiOh! I had been looking all over the internet for some custom content to create him as a sim, and since I could not find a tattoo compatible with Sims 3, I decided to make one myself. Here are the results!

The tattoo works for both male and female sims ages teen and up. There are three presets, and the inside of the tattoo is recolorable. To situate the tattoo on the body, I recommend placing the tattoo on the "full back."

This tattoo appears in the tattoo-tab in CAS, so you will need to have Base Game patch 1.12 or Ambitions installed for it to work.

Though I've made a few minor changes to clarify the image for resizing, the design I used for Marik's tattoo is based on a deviation made by Aerisonus.

Please do not upload my work on another site. I would like some credit for the hard work I put into this. I've never created any custom content before, so it took me nearly a week to perfect this tattoo.

Anyway, this is for all the other Marik fans out there. I hope you enjoy!

Additional Credits:
In these screenshots, the male hairstyles are the CoolSims Mesh N.70 Conversion by Kiara24 and Rocker Hairstyle – Hair 02 H`hgar by Daisy Sims3.

The female hairstyle is Female hair for all ages - ufHair001TantraTS3 by Tantra.

I've now included separate tattoos of the ankh and sundisk!