-Foundation Challenge- Artist Converted Train Station

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Uploaded: 25th Apr 2012 at 5:13 PM
Updated: 16th May 2017 at 5:12 PM
Update: Ok, I've completely rebuilt this lot from scratch in a clean AnyGame. Please someone for the love of everything, tell me it works finally. I've removed quite a few questionable pieces of CC, but nothing that you'd notice on your own. - June 26, '12

This is almost getting ridiculous. I uninstalled and reinstalled CleanInstaller and packaged a new version from the game and created a new LotOnly file. If that one still crashes, I'm totally running out of ideas. Let me know. :/ - May 16, '12 Ok, trying this again. I've uploaded a version of the lot that only contains the house in the .sims2pack. Please make sure you already have all the necessary CC before loading this one. If you are absolutely certain that you have all the CC I've listed and and all the EPs and SPs and it still crashes, that tells me that there is a problem with how CleanInstaller is saving the file for me. If it loads, then I know the problem was with the CC itself and I'll try harder to track that down. - May 13, '12 I've attached a new version of the lot file, for those of you having trouble getting it to load without crashing, try this one. I've also added a couple more links to required but not included CC, which should help with the flashing blue issues. My apologies everyone! - May 7, '12

Rain Daniels is a struggling artist. Her main focus is on metal sculpture works, but she also does ceramics and painting. When she was looking for a place to do her work in, high ceilings were a must. She found this old abandoned train station and it was about the same price as a two bedroom loft was going for in the city. She took one look at the arching beams and the old glass ceiling and she was sold.

She has plenty of space to work on all three of her passions in this house. It didn't take much to convert the two public washrooms into a bathroom and plumbing for the kitchen, and she put up a curtain between her bedroom and the rest of the house and she was set.


Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price: $91,559

Custom Content NOT Included:
- Torrox Fence and MASTER by moune999
- Rock Collection MASTER by Nengi65
- Victorian Greenhouse MASTER by Lethe_s
- Ladder Animations by marvine

Custom Content Included:
From MTS:
- Equally Eloquent Doorway, Von Trapp Kitchen Windows, Railway track by leesester
- Arched Porch Entry by BradySeitz
- Gothic arch pillar A, B, and C two-story by mio0331
- Railway track Recolor, Arched Porch Entry Recolor, and Gothic Arch Pillar Recolor by Phaenoh
- Clump of grass and Simple Greenhouse Roof Pieces by Lethe_s
- FlowerBox for Balconies and Recolor by Marylou
- Shrubby Shrub and recolor by HystericalParoxysm
- Just a ladder by Marvine
- Coco's Quiltshop Fabricbolt 3, and 4 and recolors by Cocomama
- Umbrella Stand and Recolor by Boblishman
- OMSP and recolor, OMSP Useable Counter and recolor by Lord Darcy
- Walk Through Block and recolor by SilentLucidity
- Outdoor Iron Bench by Fresh-Prince
- Eccentric Deco Large Sunburst Window and Lamp and recolor by sweetswami77
- Torrox Window Ledge - Single High by moune999

From Off Site:
- 4ESF Other1 Modern Easel and Canvases by 4ESF
- Glam Guest Towels by Lord Darcy
- Fashion Studio Drawings, Sewing Bobs, Patterns, and Sewing Machine; Tinkering Soldering Iron, Tools Box, and Welder; Architect Office Desk Clutter by Sandy
- The 'Freedom' sculpture and recolor by Holy Simoly by HolySimoly
- Manequin and Recolor by Jope
- Galileo's Observer by lmhwjs

From Dead Sites:
- Flat Rock and Scattered rocks by Nengi65
- Spx Abandoned Coatrack and recolor by Xiomara (dead site)

Additional Credits: