-Tribbles!- New Small Pet, New Cage, and Recolors!

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Uploaded: 12th Jul 2010 at 11:33 PM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2013 at 7:16 PM
In a shameless effort to earn my 'Made a Pet' achievement sticker, I have toiled this weekend over a ball o' fluff. I bring with me tribbles! You would not believe the trouble I had with these tribbles. Where my Trekkies at? halla! Creating a new pet is actually a relatively simple project, but getting the darn cage to be repo'ed to stuff was nearly impossible.

What is a tribble you ask? Phae nearly dies gasping in disbelief Well, a tribble is an adorable ball of fur that squeaks and has no decernable front or back or face. These happy little creatures love everyone except Klingons. Also, they procreate at such an exponential rate that top doctors such as Dr. McCoy, believe that the only way they can do this is that they are born pregnant. This raises some serious genetics questions, but I'll stop there before I bore you. To serve as a pet your Tribble has been spayed. A tribble is an animated furball. Enjoy!

I've included for you four additional tribble recolors. These are in the Phaenoh_Tribbles rar along with the tribble mesh and the cage.

I've also created the cage I made for the tribbles as a simple womrat cage. They do not overwrite each other so you can have both if you like. The tribble cage costs $450 while the womrat version costs $350. The original womrat cages costs $250.

As a final additional I've also created three recolors for the original womrat cage. Because I've created my cages to be linked to the original, my cages also have these three colors available. My cages have two subsets opposed to the original one, so the table that the cage sits on is linked instead to the BaseGame Value Desk that is shown in one of the screenshots linked below.

FaceCount: 2470
VertexCount: 2156

FaceCount: 936
VertexCount: 1548

Together this comes to 3406/3704
Maxis one stands at 2598/3090
So we are a little above, but that's still within the normal range, just don't let your tribble population explode or your computer might take issue with it.


Additional Credits:
Creds and kudos to HL and Lee for helping me figure out how to fix the glass subset issue.