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100 Whitetail Drive (Midwest Home 1)

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Uploaded: 19th Nov 2012 at 7:41 PM
Updated: 19th Nov 2012 at 8:33 PM
Welcome to 100 Whitetail Drive, a beautiful Contemporary Midwestern house. This house boasts a large amount of unique features, many of which are uncommon in the Midwest. With it’s homey old wood feel, yet modern appliances and décor, this home has a perfect balance between cozy and modern. On the first floor, you will find an exquisite open floor plan with fantastic entertaining space. The living area, kitchen, dining room, and breakfast area all flow beautifully into each other. Also, on the first floor, an authentic cherry wood library can be found. Across the way is a ground floor bedroom with a bedroom. On the second floor, a loft space great for entertaining is right across from the two bathrooms, each with their own bathroom. Down in the basement is a great space for entertaining. Recently renovated into a party space, the basement will be the talk of the block. Got a large family? No sweat, this home has a two car garage and a massive backyard. Consisting of both a pond and a pool, there isn’t anything you can’t find in this yard. A fantastically located fire pit sits beside the pond for great nights by the water. And with more than enough space to toss a baseball, the kids will always be entertained. Enjoy living in the comfort of 100 Whitetail Drive.

Price: $119,142 F
$68,817 UF

Specifications: 3 Bedroom
4 Bathroom
2 Car Garage
30x40 Lot

Original Location: 74 Landgraab Avenue

Just to update you on what I will be doing, I will be running a few series here in the Sims 3 for houses. I have marked a few house designs that I like and will be uploading different styles at different times. This is my first in my Midwestern series, and since I grew up there, there are quite a few designs for this style. The different styles are; Floridian, Mediterranean, Midwestern, Modern, Southern, and Southwestern. If you have any requests for community or residential lots, send them to me via private message or just leave them in a comment. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy. P.S., because this is only my second Sims 3 house I have ever made, I would love some constructive criticism. Thanks!

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price: $119,142 F $68,817 UF