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"Subtle Shine" Lip Gloss

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2013 at 8:36 PM
Hello, this is the first pair of lip gloss i made at first just to use it on my sims but i decided to share it all from now on with you guys. The lip gloss works well with many color and give the sims a more natural look instead of going too glossy.

~ Young Adult & Adult Female Only
~ Found under lipstick category
~ 3 channels:
Channel 1 - Shine and outline
Channel 2 - Base, main color
Channel 3- Incorporated with channel 1 to create a natural look
Channel 1 & 3 are recommended to be white (255,255,255)

Check attached picture below to see close-up picture in-game
I hope you guys like it and have fun with it in your game !