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The story of a house. Dorothy

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2013 at 12:02 AM
I once built an abandoned house. It must be said - I am quiveringly to homes, that have lost their owners. My fantasy ran riot, and was born the story of one house. Regrettably, but my English “so-so”, and I can not translate the story. But I can suggest you some heroes of the story. You can look screenshots of this story here
So, my Victorian Ladys - Dorothy and Jessica. Here I'll start with the mother – Dorothy

Dorothy other hairstyles and clothes

Dorothy can live in our time, if you put her in modern clothes and make it a modern hairstyle. For example:

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Trapping, icedmango, corvidophile2, bruno, Nabila, Amaryll, sugarandcaffeine, rensim, Gioiella , teru_k , AAS for beautiful works.

Custom Content by Me:
- Victorian Lady : Dorothy (sim)

Custom Content Included:
- Eye brow Trapping -DecBrows-Set47- Land Mine by Trapping
- Crystal eyes by icedmango by icedmango
- Nosemask by Nabila
- dark shadow by sugarandcaffeine by sugarandcaffeine
- Miranda (eyebrows) by Amaryll
- Miranda (eyeliddefinition) by Amaryll
- Miranda (mouthcorners) by Amaryll
- Miranda (nosebulb) by Amaryll
- Miranda (noseside) by Amaryll
- Rensim - Facekit - Eyebags 1 by Rensim
- Rensim - Facekit - Eyebags 2 by Rensim
- Eyeshadow by corvidophile2 by corvidophile2
- Eyeline #5 - Magnetism - Bruno@MTS2 by Bruno
- Lipstick by Nabila
- Skin tone FMW_Game_Light_GE@E-Studio by teru_k
- Hair color PertPixieCut_Mulan by Gioiella by Gioiella
- Hair trapping-PertPixieCut-3t2-MESH by Trapping
- Clothing FAinnocence2_AAS by "All About Style"
- Clothing Mesh by "All About Style"