-Renovate Pleasantview- Lakeside Lane

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The third house in jones' Renovate Pleasantview Contest was 225 Main Street. I was right about one of the next houses having to be bigger, and since jones had given us the clue that there would be a bin house, I figure it would probably be a single story house more suitable for the family with the toddler. That meant this house was for the single dad and his daughter.

Will Mason and his 10 year old daughter Elise have been on their own for a year now. They still miss Anne, but have decided it's time to move away from all the painful memories. Will's never been very good at decorating and wants to make sure the house feels like a home. Elise loves purple, pink, and butterflies.

For the contest, I made the family and took lots of pictures of Anne and Elise, but since this house isn't coming with the family, I've removed the family photos. As I did in the other three houses of this set I've uploaded so far, I've tossed out the budget and the 'no structural changes' rule. I changed a few small things like windows and other things based on the judges comments, but as I tied for second place this round (with Hencing's, and behind Liv's), there wasn't much to fix. The biggest changes are in the master bedroom, where the small windows were removed, a large painting hung above the bed, less personable nicknacks used, and a balcony was added. I also spent a bit of time on the front porch area, extending it and making the garden more colorful. The kitchen, being judged as too white/boring/plain, now has a more interesting wall paper.

I'd recommend you read my story about the house over in my entry post. Almost all of the decorating decisions were based off the family's story so it doesn't make much sense to talk about it here without them. I've redone the house to again be cheerful and its suitable for a young family with a daughter and a cat. Have a look!

Right inside the front door you are greeted with cheery and bright furniture in the kid and cat friendly living room, behind you is the office area where homework and interneting can be done.

The other side of the house is the kitchen and laundry/half bath. So few houses include laundry rooms because our sims don't need them, but I think its a perfect deco touch to fill up what would otherwise be a large main floor bathroom. The kitchen is clean and bright and has access to the back patio.

The master bedroom is calm and relaxing and has a balcony to enjoy greeting the sun on, and makes it easier to keep tabs on any kids playing outside while the parents sneak up stairs for a mid-day rendezvous.

The little girl's room is bright and filled with every kind of toy a girly-girl could want. A tea party is set with all her friends, stuffed animals are all over the room, a doll treehouse is just waiting to be played with, and a butterfly collection is on the story-writing desk.


Lot Size: 3x3
Lot Price: $51,677

Custom Content NOT Included:
- Default White Roof Trim (pictured, but not needed), and Itty Bitty Bird House Master by Phaenoh
- Crateless Ikea TV Recolor by hafiseazale
- Purple Butterfly Bedding by jupiterstar
- Bookcase Book Recolors by plasticbox
- Kitchen Basic Master by Buggybooz

Custom Content Included:
From MTS:
- Itty Bitty Birdy Eaves Roof House, "It's All Wood" Climbing Tower, Swingset & two Recolors, and Purple Teak Chair Recolor by Phaenoh
- ShiftableShelf 1 & 2 and their Recolors, and Walk Through Block & Recolor by SilentLucidity
- Teddy Bear Bunny, and Pets BedBasket Medium by Numenor
- Pets NeoQuartzo Upper Cabinet & Recolor by CTNutmegger
- Child Sized Tea Party Chair and OMSP in Teak by Rebecah
- Shakerlicious Casserole Dish Small & Round by Buggybooz
- Belhooven Single & Double Window by MaryLou
- Stack of Books #4, #5, & # 6 by leesester
- OMSP_EndTable & Recolor by Lord Darcy
- Black Vroom Chair Recolor by Sehana
- White Lounge Chair Recolor by Ailias
- Mouse Hole Wall Recolor by Sim_Me
- Plush MooMoo Toy by Windkeeper
- Blue2 Siding by Ohbehave

From Off-Site:
- Kitchen Decor Dishes, Modern Line Kitchen Condiments, Gifts for Sims Doll Dining set, Gifts for Sims Dolls Treehouse, Tropezienne Home Cinema Deco, and Hacker's Office CD Boxes by Sandy
- Interior Designer Clutter, Critter Comfort Shelf, Toiletpaper Clutter, Towels Spyglass, TS3 Bed, and Flamingo Wall Critter Comfort by Amovitam
- Sims3 Cheap Washer & Dryer Dryer, TS3 PETS Plush Duck, Giraffe, and Unicorn, and Extracted Mop by Zx_Ta
- Purple IKEA Cabinet Recolor, and Bakonimi Spok Desk Recolor by hafiseazale
- Expedit IKEA Bookcase and 1 Tile Bakonmi Sprok Desk by HugeLunatic
- Converted TS3 Ultra Lounge Youth Alarm Clock & Recolor by HCove
- Pennelle by Top Shelf Toys and Cubic End Table by Lord Darcy
- EP04 Wall Sculpture Animals & Recolor by Ndainye
- Maxis Match Striped Loveseat & Loveseat by Jfade
- Blackfyre Victorian Doll & Recolor by delonariel
- Books (decorative) 1 & 2 & Recolor by Shoukeir
- Sims 3 OLS Table Terranium by TheNinthWave
- Blue Tinged Hydrangea Shrub by Honeywell
- Bird, Mirror, and Table Lamp by Cassandre
- Picket's Charge Fence in White by Sinuhe
- TS3 Conversion Vorn Bathtub by Marja
- Aqua SSN Shower Recolor by anna
- BedBlanket 11 by Jonesi

From Dead Sites:
- Washday Blues Towels and conditioner by SimplanX (dead site)
- Kitchen Pots and Pans by Ogularama (dead site)
- Spring Blossom Tree by Corvidophile
- Sitting Teddybear by Nengi65
- LACK CoffeeTable by nofrills

Additional Credits:
jones for putting a bit of herself into her contest;
Croutonian, aUserName, and Selly_2009 for really liking my entry this time;
lipe2k, HugeLunatic, joandsarah77, GlorianaGlowbee, esmeiolanthe, Liv, Hencing, sharill63, MAB-2000, RowenaLupin, kayls42, hogwartsjedi, trin250, Shaundak21, lauratje86, karen lorraine, godspeed, and Evairance for sharing their fantastic CC links.