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7yr Anniv. Smallhouse Models Family Room Set

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Uploaded: 19th Jul 2014 at 7:29 PM
Updated: 1st Nov 2014 at 6:14 AM
Here it is, the last of my promised sets. I still have a bunch of add-ons to sneak in and updates/fixes to make, but now you have the majority of everything. Today is also special because it's my 7 year Creator Anniversary! I don't have a special upload for it, but I didn't want to let the day itself go by without mentioning it.

This Family Room set includes a TV unit, a rug, and a bar. Since I'm super tired of being plagued with things that don't work for people they should, I've included a stripped down BG version of these as well as ones that include the EP features. If you have all EPs, get the main download, if you only have BG or are missing some EPs, you'll have to get the BG download and/or do a bit of reading. The TV has FT and AL interactions, the rug is in the Deco > Rug catalog placement (if you only have BG, this didn't exist yet, so you'll find it in Deco > Misc), and the bar as NL/OFB interactions. If you are missing NL, OFB, AL, or FT, you will need to download the BG but you can use them interchangeably, so download both and only install whichever are appropriate for your game.
  • TV - requires FT and AL
  • Rug - requires any EP
  • Bar - requires NL and OFB
  • BG versions available if you can't use the main ones

Now, the TV unit and the bar are both slaved to other pieces, so make sure you grab the masters. The TV unit needs the Living Room End Table, and the bar needs the Kitchen Counter. If your bar handles flash blue, then you have an outdated Kitchen Master and need to redownload it. You will also need to redownload everything that is slaved to it, which are the island, the upper cabinet, and the Bathroom Vanity. Sorry I went and did this to you, but I wanted to include the metal in the dirty states, and there wasn't any other way. It's better now, I promise!

- Phae

Polygon Counts:
Smallhouse Models Rug: 34 Polys
Smallhouse Models Bar: 2323 Polys
Smallhouse Models TV Unit: 1645 Polys

Additional Credits:
Creds to my Dad for understanding the importance of finishing these up before I switch gears into full time dollhouse production. He has never been a big supporter of my sims hobby (sometimes I let it get in the way of 'real stuff'), so his patience here is greatly appreciated.

Also Creds once again to Lord Darcy and her updater packages. I used the TV one, but just ended up recloning the bar.